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Share your knowledge and skills around the world with DIYversity

Higher education is evolving at an unprecedented pace and on an unprecedented scale.
With DIYversity, digital learning is finally coming of age. Scholars around the globe are exploring the boundless possibilities of online teaching.


Become a part of this movement to reinvent higher education in the 21st century.

  • A Revolutionary Era In Education:
    Become a part of the growing community of educational pioneers changing the way students learn. Innovative instructors like you will shape it.

Now is the time to join this global movement!

  • Increase Your Reach And Gain Recognition:
    Open your classroom to students from all over the world – many of whom would not otherwise have access to what you offer.


With thousands of enrolled students from all over the world, you can spread your ideas and gain recognition for yourself and your institution.

This, of course, is an unprecedented opportunity, particularly for less well-known institutions and young scholars.

  • Innovative Tools At Your Fingertips:
    Open online courses allow for new teaching methods and didactic formats, creating a teaching experience that the traditional lecture hall cannot match.


Our rich learning analytics suite will give you immediate insights and help you to improve your course.

These insights will not only make teaching a more rewarding experience – they also form the basis of a new data-driven approach that will help to improve teaching and learning.

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