sponsoring proposal

[box_header]DIYversity is a mix of the words Divers DIY and University and my mission is to plant the seeds of knowledge about wellness and health.

The project i am creating is a full featured health and fitness instructional textbook which will include divers instructions on natural health which will include: massage therapy and self massage , yoga, meditation, fitness training and nutrition.
The goal is to educate and empower students on how to live healthier lives, have healthier bodies and maintain their health naturally which they can in turn share with their friends and family.

As stated It will be an instructional book for students to take with them anywhere and everywhere to read with images of the modalities being taught. With the addition of layar they can then view actual video footage of the demonstrations of the material being covered such as massage techniques, stretches and yoga poses, how to prepare and nutritious meal, exercise routines, qi gong practice, etc. that will be linked to the images on the pages for a better visual understanding and extra spoken and engaging material.
This would be a great tool for my students who travel a lot and dont always have access to their computers and because using their smart phones they can take the courses with them where ever they go.

I am a nonprofit and would love your support on sponsoring pages for this project and on helping others live a health and happy life round the world.

I look forward to hearing back from you with great news.

Thank you,

René Diaz